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This is how our story begins!

Hi to all!

I will tell you a story about a little boy who had so many big cheeks that his mom and grandma called him a mullet since he was a baby! They loved it like nothing else and when it closed its first year they decided to create a wonderful children's store in the derogatory name of little Petros.

But because the word mullet would refer to another type of business, it was named mullet! The name Mullet comes from the French dialect and you translate it into Greek as mullet!

Mullet was founded in 2015 in the area of Pefki, which belongs to beautiful Thessaloniki, with a passion and love equal to that of little Petros, to serve the needs of the modern mother. The mulletaki from 2015 until today is doing well with its polite approach to all of you who support it every day as well as the uniqueness of its choices in unique, quality clothes and accessories that characterize it!


Everything for children
Our goal is to lovingly offer the best to our children!
High quality
All our products are aimed specifically at children and are produced from superior quality materials at affordable prices.
Visit us and discover a fascinating world full of colors, happy mood and energy!

Our philosophy

We want to see happy smileys, happy families and stylish children dressed in well-designed clothes, always with the highest quality materials
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